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My Cat, My Boyfriend, My Family, Organizing, Texting, Graphic Design, Horror, Photography, Art, Makeup, Music, Alternative Fashion, Body Modification, Tattoos, Piercings, Skeletons, Anime, Manga, Hentai, Spiderwebs, Books, Poetry, Painting, Blogging, Candles, Singing, Cats, Kawaii, Crafts, Scrap-booking, Movies, Foreign Horror, Asian Horror, Netflix, Writing, Bubble Baths, Mythology, Cryptozoology, Paranormal, Serial Killers, Bondage, Fishnet, Drawing, Staying Up Late, Meeting New People, Sex, Cos Play, Oddities, Japanese Street Fashion, Manga, Horror Manga, Road Trips, Concerts, Hugs, Sushi, Chinese Food, Animals, Leopard Print, Goth / Cybergoth Fashion, Corsets, Platforms, Silver Jewelry, Weapons, Xbox 360, Garage Sales, Thunderstorms, Organizing, Life, Death, Etc.


Animal Neglect & Cruelty, Thieves, Spam, Commercials, Poor Hygiene, Humidity, Mosquitoes, Hot Weather, Marshmallows, My Handwriting, The Corruption Of Our Government, Slow Computers, Slow Internet Connections, Traffic, Bad Drivers, Racists, Labels, Greed, Bullies, Fake People, Immaturity, Sickness, Headaches, Weight Gain, Menstrual Cycle, Filling Out Complicated Forms, Doctor’s Offices, Lines, Copycats, Gnats, Body Hair, Illness, Etc.