What kind of blogs do you follow?

I usually follow back anyone who follows me unless they post content I do not support or personally like. If your blog interests me and contains content I enjoy, I will usually follow you instantly. 

Why did you unfollow me?

If I have recently unfollowed you, it’s more than likely because you post too much spam, promos, or content I do not support or like. I rarely unfollow but it does happen. I also will unfollow blogs who haven’t or posted within a few months. 

How many followers do you have?

Everyday I gain a new follower. So my number of followers frequently changes. I appreciate every single follower that I recieve and currently have. :)

How many people are you following?

I’m following over 500+ people.

Can you send me a nude photo?

No, never gonna happen.

Where do you get your layouts from?

I usually make them or use a premade base and edit it to my likings.

Who takes your photos?

I usually do, or rarely my boyfriend does for me.

How many piercings & tattoos do you have?

As of right now I currently have 19 piercings total, including my gauged earlobes 3/4ths, multiple ear lobe piercings,  eyebrow, tragus, nose, nipples, labret, tongue, & angel-bites. As for tattoos, I currently have seven, which within time the number may increase. 

How many Tumblr’s do you have?

This is my main Tumblr. I also manage one other blog.

What brand of makeup do you use?

I use a bunch of different brands honestly, I can’t keep track.

How long have you been doing photography and graphic design?

I self taught myself HTML/CSS & Graphic Design at age 13 along with Photography. I’ve been practicing and doing both ever since.

Do you cut yourself?

I’m currently in recovery from self-harm which started when I was at the early age of 12. I no longer cut but I will occasionally have a few slips.

What are your mental disorders?

I’ve been diagnosed with Major Depression W/ Psychotic Features, OCD, Post Traumatic Stress, & Severe Anxiety Disorder. I’m currently undergoing treatment and they are trying to figure out if I suffer from Bipolar Disorder or BPD.