I Don’t Know.

I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. My emotions are spilling out everywhere when some of them I just want to keep locked up inside.

That One Person

Have you ever noticed life just passing you by??

With nothing accomplished but somehow you’re still here.

And that one person you let go a long time ago, has achieved so much, has everything you always wanted, has the life you wanted, accomplished the dreams you had but never got to make into reality.

It’s sad yet somehow you are filled with jealously and anger.

But in the end, you are angry at yourself and the decisions you’ve made.

Do you sit here and wait? Or do you decide to change your course?

Downtown San Antonio

 One of the few things I despise and hate about my city San Antonio is Downtown and almost everything associated with it. It’s a dirty, cruel, nasty, fake place. It’s pretty much filled with crime, drunks, fakes, overpriced bars, sex, drugs, and tourist getting ripped off by tourist traps. It’s sad most people visit San Antonio and go straight for the Riverwalk and Downtown. It’s sad San Antonio is represented mostly by it instead of the other sides of town which are in most parts some of the better places to visit. Some of the best food, stores, deals, locations, are on the other sides of town. The only reason I go Downtown or step foot Downtown is for concerts and the Zombie Walk. Also to visit my mother in law who lives on that side of town. Other than that, fuck Downtown. Also Fiesta, Oyster Bake, & all that other bullshit, I fucking can’t stand, it’s a waste of money and time. End of rant.